Thursday, November 10, 2011

Different Models of Campy Triomphe Brakes

A while ago I needed a set of Victory/Triomphe brakes, where at least one was a standard (aka long) reach (needed for the rear wheel). I could not find a standard set in Victory (short reach pic below), the reason it turns out is they don't exist), so I bought a set of standard Triomphe. There was always something weird about one of the calipers but I installed them and they worked so I let it go.

I was now able to give a little for time to the weird Triomphe caliper. One thing that changed from Nuovo Record to C-Record was the brake adjuster Triomphe and Vicotry are of the C-Record era). The old style (Nuovo Record) was a divot on the top of the arm and a corresponding bump on the adjusting wheel. This was replaced with a system with no
divot or bump Above is a Victory without the divot and bump. Eventually Campagnolo went back to the divot and bump when C-Record was phased out). The above photo shows a Victory without the divot and bump and below is a NR with the divot and bump adjuster.

What is weird about this Triomphe is it has a bump and divot adjuster. At first I thought since Triomphe is a copy of Nuovo Record (Victory is Super record), someone must have graphed the left arm of a Nuovo Record caliper onto this Triomphe caliper, but after more research I discovered there are no NR or Record brake arms without Patent or Brev on them. I then discovered that indeed Campy did make a limited amount of Triomphe brakes with the divot and bump adjusters, so what I have is simply a mismatched pair. Below the brake on the left is the front with the common brake adjuster for Triomphe; right is the divot and bump

The brakes also came with mismatched pivot bolts, the standard adjuster with a rear recessed bolt and the divot and bump with an old style exposed bolt. This leads me to believe the divot and bump style was most likely an early style.

The calipers were sold as NOS from Bulgaria, so I guess it's the chance you take..

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